Gold Tip - Glue in Accu-Point 0.166 (12 pcs)

Gold Tip - Glue in Accu-Point 0.166

  • Model:
  • 111653

Minimum - 12 pcs

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Gold Tip - Glue in Accu-Point 0.166 (12 Pcs)

Glue in points for Gold Tip

  • Pierce,
  • Pierce Platinum
  • and Pierce Tour arrow shafts.

Available in 80grain, 100grain and 120grain options. Threaded to take Gold Tip's F.A.C.T system for highly customisable weight and F.O.C adjustment

Please note not all sizes suitable for all spines. 

Technical specifications:

  • Spine         Recommended Point Size
  • 250-340     120 or 100 grain standard size. 
  • 400-500     100grain only. 
  • 600-700     80 or 100 grain XS size

Please note:

for 500 and 400 spine shafts it is recommeneded that you use the 100 grain points only and use the F.A.C.T weight system to increase point weight where required.

This is due to the fact that when using the 120grain points in these lighter spine shafts there is a slight lip on the point.