Nitro - 8125G Two Tone Recurve String

Nitro - 8125G Two Tone Recurve String

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Nitro - 8125G Two Tone Recurve String

Nitro recurve bowstrings are made in the UK by experienced staff using machinery imported from the USA, capable of pre-stretching the strings with up to 300lb of pressure and twisting then serving them whilst under that pressure. The result is a bowstring with complete stability from the 1st shot.

Nitro Recurve strings are made using 8125G material. 

8125G material is available in a variety of colours and is available as single or two tone strings. Two tone strings are made using equal number of strands for each colour. You will find on all of these strings that the colour and effect will remain consistent and in order throughout the entire length.

As standard, our recurve strings are made with BCY 2X 0.015” loop and end serving in black or white. Standard centre serving is BCY #62XS Braided serving in black.

All of our recurve strings are made to fit small groove nocks (e.g. Nitro small groove insert and pin nocks, Easton small groove G and pin nocks and Beiter **/1) as standard.


Recommended String Lengths

  • 64” Bow - 60 3/4” String Length
  • 66” Bow - 63 1/4” String Length
  • 68” Bow - 65” String Length
  • 70” Bow - 66 3/4” String Length
  • 72” Bow - 68 3/4” String Length

Strand Count

  • 8125G - 16 Strands on all lengths.