Pine Ridge - 2019 Kwik Compound Bow Stand

Pine Ridge - 2019 Kwik Compound Bow Stand

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Pine Ridge - 2019 Kwik  Compound Bow Stand


Works with thicker/thinner limbs!

The Kwik Stand Bow Support solves all the issues archers have with current bow stands on the market. With very simple adjustments, the Kwik Stand will fit on most bow limbs, even the wide limbs like the Mathews Halon¨ that others will not. The legs adjust as well to allow for the best balance angle for your bow. Put these innovative features together with USA made quality and durability and you have the only bow stand you will need!

The Kwik Stand is great for tournament archers and blind hunters alike. Simple to attach and easy to fold and store when not in use. Plus, 20 accent colour options allow the shooter to match their bow and accessories. The Kwik Stand is the best option for any shooter, of any discipline and any skill level.

  • 20 Colour combo choices
  • Non-marring jaws / won't scratch limbs!
  • Adjustable jaws fits most bows (1.28 up to 3.14 Wide)
  • Jaws adjust for thicker/thinner limbs (NEW 2019)
  • Legs adjust for better stance from 4.25 to 6.00
  • Great for tournaments
  • Perfect for ground or box blind hunting
  • U.S. Patented