Our price match promise

Here, at The Archery Shop, we strive to offer the best quality archery products at the lowest prices in the UK. We regularly check and amend our prices against our competitors. However, as prices can change daily, the occasional product slips through the net. In such a case you have the right of making a Price Match Claim meaning that, with us, you will always have the highest level of quality and service for the best price.

    •    We'll match our UK competitors’ website price. We are aware that some of our competitors have different prices online and in store, however we will only match the online price. The competitors final price must include shipping and VAT. This will be our final and unique price.

    •    What is a “UK competitor”? An archery business, VAT registered, that trades in UK mainland on the same basis as us, with a brick and mortar shop with regular opening hours, 5 days a week; our competitor has to have a reasonable range of goods in stock, ready to be bought and taken away, with clearly displayed prices. If such a competitor has a website for online trading, this has to trade under the same name and on the same terms mentioned above. 

    •    Which prices we can’t match? Outlets and exclusive online shops (such as Amazon, Ebay or any other Online only Retailer) which trade on a different basis to us will not be considered as direct competitors. Neither will showrooms attached to internet-only companies, collection points, auction sites, factory outlets, membership clubs, duty-free shops, market stalls or home shopping channels. We also don't match competitors who are in administration or closing down, clearance, closeout, used / refurbished, damaged or opened package products.    

    •    The price we match has to be available to all public (including us), in shop or online. Unfortunately, we can not match prices that are only available to certain customers or groups of customers, or are obtained through 3rd party websites and voucher codes.

    •    The price we match has to apply to a brand new product, identical to ours (in terms of model, size, colour and other relevant specifications).

    •    Both us and the competitor must have the product ready for delivery (rather than available only to order) for us to match the price. As we have a considerable amount of online orders every day, we want to offer very competitive prices and timescales for our delivered products. That is why, when comparing prices, we will take stock availability, delivery charges and timescales into consideration.

    •    We're unable to offer price matching for products purchased through our 0% finance.

    •    We will only price match orders placed Online that are shipped to our customer. Shop sales and customers wishing to collect from our store are exempt from our Price Match promise.

    •    If our competitors are running promotions of any kind, including product bundles or freebies, we will still consider refunding the difference, but we do reserve the right of refusing your claim if it is uneconomical for us to do so. The same applies for special order products (products that we don’t normally keep in stock and we have to order specially for you).

    •    We will not price match any products which would result in a financial loss to our Company, i.e selling at a price lower than the wholesale cost from our supplier.


Before you make a claim, please take a moment to read the terms and conditions above. Also, please remember that, once you made the purchase, you can no longer make a claim.

To make the claim, email us before making your purchase to enquiries@thearcheryshop.co.uk with details of our competitors pricing and the items you would like to purchase. 

After the application, we will verify all the details and contact you as soon as possible (no longer than 48 hours). You will then have 5 working days to place the order. We will apply the price difference as a Credit to your The Archery Shop account once the order has be placed. Please when ordering reference the Credit amount in the Comments at the checkout.

Thank you for your time and for helping us deliver the best quality archery products at the lowest price in the UK.