Gray AIX Riser - with Win&Win Wiawis One Wood Limbs (Bundle)

As a limited offer, you can get an impressive £89.99 bundle discount if you purchase the Gray AIX riser and the Win&Win Wiawis One Wood Limbs together. 
Why not give a try to one of the most innovative Recurve Riser paired up with a top quality pair of limbs.

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Pack content

GRAY Archery - AIX Recurve Handle 25"

International limb fitting riser from Gray Archery. Packed with innovative features not seen in any riser before.

Key features:

  • A range of customization features and accessories make it an ideal choice for Olympic recurve - but also barebow shooting (for barebow without the bridge).
  • Innovative shaped riser gives reduced horizontal nock travel - Asymmetric window technology which reduces displacement of the nocking point during the draw cycle
  • Premium, simple to use limb alignment system for easy tuning, can be adjusted while the bow is strung
  • Adjustable stiffness with removable damping bridge for vibration reduction (sold separately).
  • Weight mounting points in 10 different places for maximum balance options while maintaining a sleek look. Gives the archer more options for weighting for perfect weight distribution
  • Popular 25" riser length.

Technical specifications:

  • Limb Fitting: ILF
  • Material: 6065 Aluminium
  • Length Options: 25"
  • Weight: 1206g (1289g with optional damp bridge)
  • Handedness: RH
  • Finish: Hard Coated Anodized.
  • Colour: Grey with coloured accs option.

Data sheet

HandRH Only
Limb FittingILF
MaterialAluminium (6065)
FinishHard Coated Anodized
Shooting StyleOlympic Recurve
Weight1206g (1289g with optional damp bridge)

Win & Win - Wiawis One Wood Recurve Limbs

Win & Win WIAWIS ONE Recurve Limbs are a completely new concept limb that combs advanced manufacturing technology and *Flaxpreg, eco-friendly natural materials.  The lumber that has been used in W&W’s wood core is selected using quality specifications and sorting processes for flawless limbs.  Manufactured using superior nano carbon that has extremely high strength and vibration reduction.  WIAWIS wood core limbs offer stability at full draw and extreme power at the moment of release. It enables a more constant shooting experience with enhanced arrow grouping *Flaxpreg is made of natural fibres and epoxy resins. This material has never been used in archery manufacture before. Flaxpreg is an environment-friendly material, and its twisted structure enhances the vibration damping effect in shooting.  Also, Flax laminates together with carbon fibre absorbs vibration more efficiently.