Gray AIX Riser - with Hoyt GP 840 Limbs (Bundle)

As a limited offer you can get an impressive 10% bundle discount if you purchase the Gray AIX riser and the Hoyt Grand Prix 840 Wood Core Limbs together. 
Why not to give a try to one of the most innovative Recurve Riser paired up with the highly popular Hoyt 840 limbs?

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£ 689.99

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Pack content

GRAY Archery - AIX Recurve Handle 25"

International limb fitting riser from Gray Archery. Packed with innovative features not seen in any riser before.

Key features:

  • A range of customization features and accessories make it an ideal choice for Olympic recurve - but also barebow shooting (for barebow without the bridge).
  • Innovative shaped riser gives reduced horizontal nock travel - Asymmetric window technology which reduces displacement of the nocking point during the draw cycle
  • Premium, simple to use limb alignment system for easy tuning, can be adjusted while the bow is strung
  • Adjustable stiffness with removable damping bridge for vibration reduction (sold separately).
  • Weight mounting points in 10 different places for maximum balance options while maintaining a sleek look. Gives the archer more options for weighting for perfect weight distribution
  • Popular 25" riser length.

Technical specifications:

  • Limb Fitting: ILF
  • Material: 6065 Aluminium
  • Length Options: 25"
  • Weight: 1206g (1289g with optional damp bridge)
  • Handedness: RH
  • Finish: Hard Coated Anodized.
  • Colour: Grey with coloured accs option.

Data sheet

HandRH Only
Limb FittingILF
MaterialAluminium (6065)
FinishHard Coated Anodized
Shooting StyleOlympic Recurve
Weight1206g (1289g with optional damp bridge)

Hoyt - New 2017 Formula 840 Recurve Limbs

These laminated maple core limbs offer trusted carbon wood performance in a new glass wedge design. The new Hoyt Carbon 840 limb is the ideal limb for intermediate recurve archers. Combining aerospace carbon and rock maple cores makes for a smooth, accurate limb with great performance and feel, without breaking the bank.

Key features:

  •     Classic grand prix fitting for wide compatability.
  •     Combining the highest level technology for a smooth and accurate limb with great performance and feel.
  •     The ideal choice for the ambitious intermediate archer who is looking for great results.
  •     Quality wood core laminated maple limbs.
  •     Formula fitting also available.

Available in short, medium and long lengths, from 22 to 50 pounds in 2 pound increments in both Formula and Grand Prix configurations.