Shibuya - Replacement Parts for Ultima Sight

Shibuya - Replacement Parts for Ultima Sight

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Replacement Parts for Shibuya Ultima Sight. Please note: most of the replacement parts are sold individually. Please check in description.

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Replacement Parts for Shibuya Ultima Sight

Please note: price is valid for 1 unit of the replacement parts if not stated differently.

Shibuya Ultima Knob UL-38
UL-5 X-Lock
Ul-7 X-Lock Rear Spacer
Ul-1-2 Guide Rod
Ul-1-3 Windage Guide Rod Bearing
Ul-2S End Cap
Ul-2RC Windage Knob for Recurve
Ul-8 Locking Block
Ul-10 Release Lever
Ul-15 Indicator Pin-In
Ul-16 Indicator Pin-Out
Ul-28S Elevation Bar 365
Ul-28S Elevation Bar 365 RH Noir
Ul-28S Elevation Bar 365 RH Argent
Ul-30S Drive Shaft for 368
Ul-30L Drive Shaft for 523
Ul-31 Plastic Set Screw 4mm
UL-34S Carbon Extender 6" Short
UL-34L Carbon Extender 9" Long
UL-34L Carbon Extender 12" Long
Ul-42 Sight Pin Locker
Ul-3 Bearing for Drive Shaft
Ul-9 Locking Block Spring
Ul-11 Release Lever Pin
Ul-12 Release Lever Spring
Ul-14 Nylon Ball
Ul-17 Blank Tape
UL-29 Cap Screw 5mmX10mm
Ul-33S (365) Blank Tape
Ul-33L (520) Blank Tape
UL-38-1 Plastic Tip for mounting Knob
Ul-39 Nylon Click Ball
Ul-40 Plastic Bearing for Recurve Windage Unit
Ul-41 C-Clip
Ul-43 cap Screw 3mmX4mm
Ul-44 cap Screw 3mmX4mm
Ul-46 Flat Point Set Screw 3mmX6mm
Ul-23 Flat Washer 3mm (2x pcs)
Ul-25 Scope Rod Locking Nut/#10-35 (2x pcs)

For Shibuya Ultima II:
ULT-5 (Cap Screw 3mmx4mm)