Shibuya - Ultima CPX II 365-6" Carbon Compound Sight

Shibuya - Ultima CPX II 365-6" Carbon Compound Sight

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  • 116416

Puple is a limited addition colour for 2020 and is available to pre-order.


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Shibuya - Ultima CPX II 365-6"  Carbon Sight

Compound sight from Shibuya.

ULTIMA CPXII sights feature a revolutionary system eliminating backlash and play in the elevation adjustments: the ZPE system. A readjustable aluminium wedge, secured with Nord-Lock® washers, eliminates any gap between the threaded locking block and aperture block.

The new flat-shelf indicator pin on ULTIMA CPXII sights is easy to adjust, closer to the sight tape surface than ever before, while still offering enough clearance for layered tapes. Both side pins are locked by a cap screw from the side, preventing accidental movements when locking them down!

Shibuya's innovative Tria-Lock system keeps the scope rod approx. 1/2" closer to the elevation bar than conventional target sights. This significantly reduces moment effected on the windage unit – a significant factor in development of play and faults!
The innovative new Tria-Lock system encloses the scope rod holder from three sides, keeping it perfectly aligned and without play to produce a rattle-free, zero-tolerance environment.

X-Lock System 
Re-adjustable, zero-tolerance fit between the windage unit and sight frame. Super-slick and durable polyacetal resin guide spacers enclose the elevation rail, re-adjustable at the turn of a set screw. All parts field-adjustable and -replaceable!

Key features:
• Proven podium topping technology.
• Updated and improved redesign of the long time favourite the Shibuya Ultima.
• Lightweight design with improved weight distribution.
• Tight tollerances for zero play.
• Drive shaft dampening for a quieter shot and reduced vibration.
• High grip adjustment knobs for easy adjustment in all conditions.
• Windage fine adjustment scale for precision adjustment.
• Secure and simple lever locking mechanism.

Technical specifications:

  • Handedness: Left and Right-Handed models. 
  • Extension length: 6"
  • Thread: 10-32 (standard compound scope)
  • Clicks per inch: 1/480" per click.