Shibuya - UL-11 Replacement Mount Block for Shibuya Ultima Sight

Shibuya - Ultima ULT-11N Replacement Sight Mounting Block

  • Model:
  • 116713

UL-11 Replacement Part for Shibuya Ultima Carbon Sight. Mount block for the sight extension, needs to be fitted on the bow.

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Shibuya - Ultima ULT-11N Replacement Mounting  Block 

Due to arrive 15th April.

Shibuya ULT-11N replacement mounting block for Shibuya Ultima II Recurve Sight.

Key features:

  • Sight mounting block for Shibuya Ultima II sight.
  • For carbon extension.
  • Available in RH and LH model
  • Various colours available.

Please Note - Mounting Screws or knob are not included.