Mikit Sanghrajka

Mikit Sanghrajka

Mikit Sanghrajka (Miki for friends) was born and raised in Naivasha, Kenya. He’s 24 years old and works in marketing, graphic design and AV installation at an electronics company in North London. As Miki shared with us, he started archery over 10 years ago and most of what he picked up in his early years was self-taught 'backyard' shooting: “I started shooting competitively in 2014 and have been enjoying the sport even more since then. I got hooked on tournaments from the start of the 2015/16 indoor season.” Mikit could be described the best as chilled, patient, joker, bush-boy & Toxophilite. In fact, Miki likes this sport because it helped him become a much better person, also adding that “archery is in itself a form of meditation for me. It makes me calm and happy.”

Although he has won several medals over the 2015/2016 indoor season, 2016 outdoor season and 2016/17 Indoor season, his greatest achievement so far is getting to the Bronze medal match at stage 1 of the Archery GB National Series, where he lost by a few points to fellow left hander Chris White, who he looks up to very much.

Miki would really like to have the opportunity to shoot for Kenya on the international archery circuit someday. He also hopes to represent Kenya in the 2018 African Archery Championships and from there to shoot in the Worlds. But his next goal is “to get a higher UK National Ranking score and position than last year”. Miki also hopes to get a Grand Master Bowman classification this year.

Miki’s dream bow at the moment is the Prime One STX 39V2 with A cams in black.

His funniest archery experience was in the Hells Gate gorge in Naivasha, when he and his friends took their bare bows with them and were stumping as they trekked through the scenic gorge. Miki is telling us the full story: “We got to one spot where there was a tree right at the edge of a 5 metre high limestone cliff and we decided it would make a good target. My first arrow went a bit low, into the limestone, which then started to fall apart. It turned into a little landslide and the whole tree fell to the bottom. So in theory, I fell a tree with a single arrow!”

Julius Yego, a self-made Kenyan athlete and World Champion at the Javelin, is Miki’s sport hero. He has been his biggest inspiration in sport for over half a decade. His positive attitude really motivates and inspires him to push himself, to make his dreams come true and achieve his goals, no matter how difficult it can get!

For Mikit, a normal day of training in the summer time would consist in sending at least 6 dozen arrows down the range at certain distances each session, at least 5 days a week. That's normally after work; then he'll do a full round or two (WA1440 or York) on the weekends. Miki practices whatever the weather, as long as it's not too extreme. During the indoor season, he usually shoots 100 arrows every night, at least 5 days a week.

His thoughts for aspiring archers are truly motivating: “confidence and commitment will get you very far in archery. Keep setting short term goals that are not too hard to achieve and always remember that your greatest opponent is yourself. Another useful tool is to keep a notebook in your kit bag and take notes to keep track of your shooting.”

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