Stan - "Black-Pearl DS" Large Release Aid

Stan - "Black-Pearl DS" Large Release Aid

  • Manufacturer:
  • Stan
  • Model:
  • 105091

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Stan - "Black-Pearl DS" Large Release Aid

The Black Pearl is our four finger, large size back tension release. If you prefer a swept back handle, the Black Ice DS has an aggressive sweep in the fourth finger. 

Micro Adjustable Fire Setting ?

An Innovation pioneered by Stanislawski. Set your release easy and precisely where you want it to be with the MOREX Sears.

Trainer Lock?A 

Patent pending innovation from Stanislawski that allows for easy and safe training. Learn the back tension technique without worrying about getting injured! Build confidence in your technique before attempting a shot.

Optional “clicker” Hook?

An innovation pioneered by Stanislawski. This system allows you to go from a click or regular style without changing your release setting. 

Designed for D-Loop Hook?

Made of enhanced 440C Stainless Steel then hardened to 60 Rockwell and finished with a proprietary polishing process.

Stainless Steel Hinge?

Machined from a solid piece of 303 Stainless Steel and then polished to a mirror finish.