Superschaft - 5/16-9/32" Tapered Pine Shafts (12x pcs)

Superschaft - 5/16-9/32" Tapered Spruce Shafts

  • Model:
  • 116740

Minimum - 12 pcs



Superschaft - 5/16"-9/32" Spruce Taper Shafts 

Wooden shafts from Superschaft.

Key features:

  • Made from high quality German spruce.
  • Rolled multiple times for a perfectly round shaft.
  • Optimal for primitive and lighter poundage models, but also for those looking for faster arrow speeds offered by relatively lighter GPI and improved strength to weight ratio.
  • Shafts made from a single piece of wood are kept together throughout the production process - meaning even sets that have not been weight checked are closer matched.
  • Sustainable production with raw materials produced close to manufacturing point.
  • Made in Germany.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Spruce
  • Diameter: 5/16" point end tapering to 9/32" nock end
  • Uncut length (approx): 32"
  • Included components: None
  • Optimal for: Traditional archery of all types.