Hoyt - Prevail 37 SVX Compound Bow


Purpose built to help you prevail.

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Axle to Axle37 1/4"
Brace Height7 1/8"
Cam TypeSVX
Draw LengthCam 1: 24"-26" Cam 2: 26.5"-27.5" Cam 3: 28"-29" Cam 4: 29.5-30.5 Cam 5: 31-31.5
Let Off65%
Limb TypeXT 2000
Mass Weight4.8 lbs
FinishHoyt Anodized Target Colours/ Powder coated Blackout
Speed (ATA)321 FPS

Year after year, the world’s best archers trust Hoyt bows to do what they do best—win. And year after year, Hoyt bows deliver—dominating tournament circuits and topping podiums worldwide. We take that trust seriously, and feel a responsibility to stand at the cutting edge of the archery industry through ceaseless research, testing, and innovation—using input from the best archers in the world. We do all this for one specific purpose: to help you Prevail.

The Prevail 37 and Prevail 40 are the result of that process, both boasting the XT2000 limb. The Prevail Series introduces a brand new performance-enhancing geometry and two brand new engines to power the bows, the all-new SVX and X3 Cam & ½ Performance Systems. You will also appreciate the all-new rear stabiliser location and our new hard-lock rear stabiliser system. Our proven Shoot-Thru Riser Technology, 4-angle modular grip system, and adjustable 4-position cable guard technology are just a few of the other technologies that make the all-new Prevail Series the most advanced target bows in our 86-year history.

Key features:

Complete set of modules included so all draw lengths can be made for the cam size!
Brand new, performance enhancing geometry.
Cams optimised for speed and performance by draw length.
Popular 37" axle to axle length.
Hard lock pocket and stabiliser systems that prevent movement and keep critical connections secure.
Hard hitting SVX cam for high performance shooting.
Cam offers a rock solid back wall that can be customised to your preferred feel with adjustable peg.
Modular grip system offers interchangeable grips for fine tuning grip pressure and give the perfect hold.
Adjustable cable guard position to shrink groups and neutralise torque.
Great range of classic Hoyt colour options.

Technical specifications:

Axle to Axle:37.25"
Bracing Height:7.1/8"
Mass Weight:4.8lbs
Let off:65%
Draw length options: Cam 1: 24"-26" Cam 2: 26.5"-27.5" Cam 3: 28"-29" Cam 4: 29.5-30.5Cam 5: 31-31.5 
Speed rating: 321fps (ATA)
Cam: SVX (5 sizes)
Limb: XT2000
Finish: Hoyt Anodised Target Colours/ Powder coated Blackout.

SVX Cam & ½ or X3 Cam and 1/2

4-angle modular grip system

Adjustable 4-position cable guard

Dual rear stabiliser mounting locations

Choose between the high-powered SVX and the ultra-smooth X3 Cam & ½ systems. The SVX is incredibly smooth and fast, and provides a rock-solid back wall that can be adjusted to your preference using our new adjustable peg system. For a rock-hard wall, archers can utilise the outer peg position, while archers wanting a softer wall can use an inner peg position. The SVX comes with 65% let-off and a full set of draw length modules with every SVX model bow that allow draw length adjustment in ½” increments. The X3 Cam & ½ is even smoother, with a less aggressive back wall. The X3 allows archers to utilise a draw stop peg for an ultra-hard wall, or remove the peg and utilise our new draw stop machined directly into the module for a softer back wall. It is available in 65% or 75% let-off, and comes standard with a rotating inner cam module for easy adjustment in ½” increments. As is always the case with Hoyt cams, both cams are fully optimised for speed and performance by draw length.

Hoyt’s patent-pending modular grip system allows you to fine-tune your grip pressure by changing the angle of the grip. Every Prevail comes with 4 different grip modules: 0, +2, +4 and +6 degrees, with 0 being the standard angle. Try each one to see which angle helps you achieve a dead-center hold and best fits your shooting style and form.

The Prevail features an adjustable cable guard bar to help maximize your bow’s tunability and shrink your groups. Four different angle settings allow you to bring the cable guard as close to your arrow as possible without contact, helping to neutralize torque while maintaining perfect arrow flight. Internal locking teeth and two lock down screws ensure it will stay where you put it.

With two rear stabilizer mounting positions, dialing in the perfect balance has never been easier. Whether you prefer a high or low center of gravity in your shooting, you can fully customize your weight and placement to achieve the perfect feel for your shooting style. In addition, both mounting positions feature a new hard-lock stabilizer system to keep your stabilizer from rotating out of position or coming loose while shooting or making adjustments

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Hoyt - Prevail 37 SVX Compound Bow

Hoyt - Prevail 37 SVX Compound Bow

Purpose built to help you prevail.

For product availability, you can check out our Supplier’s website: CLICK HERE to see what’s in stock. It’s simple - if they have it, we can deliver in 3-5 working days. Thank you!

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