Trophy Ridge - Replacement Biscuit

Trophy Ridge - Replacement Biscuit

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Fits Sure Shot Pro, Sure Shot, Dead Shot and Quick Shot models.

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Trophy Ridge - Replacement Biscuit

Replacement Biscuit for Sure Shot, Dead Shot, & Quick Shot rests.

  • Aluminum-encased biscuit – 300% stronger than previous models
  • Custom rubber boots silence arrow loading
  • Universal right and left hand

Available sizes:

  • Small (0.300" inner): suitable for Trophy Ridge, ACC, Outsert Carbon, Axis, 17XX or smaller aluminium arrows. Please note, it is not compatible with carbon arrows fitted with External Nocks. Damage to biscuit or nock may occur.
  • Medium (0.320" inner): suitable for internal component carbon, 19XX or smaller aluminium arrows.
  • Large (0.385" inner): suitable for 23XX or smaller aluminium arrows.