Tru Ball - V-Lock Strap

Tru Ball - V-Lock Strap

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Tru Ball - V-Lock Strap

Designed for t-handle releases

• Para-cord material attaches to a wrist strap (Lanyard also available to purchase separately from drop down   menu.
• Keeps your release from falling out of your hand.
• Handle must have cut-outs w/ stickers to be compatible.

V-Lock Strap, to add to Tru-Ball competition handle releases.

The V-Lock strap TH (.250") version fits on the follow models:

  • Pro Diamond
  • Pro Diamond Extreme
  • T-Handle Thumb
  • Boss X
  • Max Pro Series

The V-Lock strap SS (.312") version fits on the follow models:

  • Sweet Spot
  • ST360X
  • Absolute360
  • HT (M,L,XL)
  • BT Gold