Trueflight - RW 5" Parabolic Feathers (12pcs)

Trueflight - 5" RW Parabolic Feathers

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Minimum - 12 pcs

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Trueflight - 5" RW Parabolic Feathers (12pcs)

Parabolic cut has slightly less surface area compared to shield cut, which will make arrows fletched with parabolic feathers a touch quieter than those fletched with shield cut feathers.Shield cut has a slight edge when it comes to stabilizing an arrow though, as it has just a bit more surface area for wind to grab on to.

Trueflight use the highest quality turkey feathers, sourced from US turkey plants and processed and proudly finished entirely in the USA.
Trueflight feathers are extremely light weight, high strength with fold down forgiveness and aerodynamic "grip" with unsurpassed quality and are up to 700 times lighter than vanes, provide faster arrow velocities and eliminate bow window clearance problems.

No man-made vane comes even close. Trueflight feather bases are ground and cleaned, so no other preparation is needed before you fletch your arrow. If you want the best arrow flight and to shoot tighter groups, fletch with Trueflight feathers. Trueflight are the finest feathers in the world and the only choice for fletching arrows. For stability, forgiveness and accuracy, look no further than Trueflight feathers.