Trueflight - RW Full Length Feathers (12pcs)

Trueflight - Full Length RW Feathers

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Minimum - 12 pcs

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Trueflight - Full Length RW Feathers (12pcs)

With a full length feather your options are limitless. Use a Feather Chopper or Feather Burner to create different fletchings for your arrows. The length of your fletching determines how many you can get from only one full length feather. The normal is one as you should make your fletching from the centre of the feather where the quill is the most uniform.

For over 11,000 years natural feather fletching has been the high-tech choice for fletching any arrow. Feather fletching offers a combination of light weight, high strength, fold down forgiveness, and aerodynamic "grip".

Trueflight Feathers have been the world leader in arrow fletching for over 50 years.