TruGlo - Range Rover Sight

TruGlo - Range Rover Sight

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TruGlo - Range Rover Sight, choose your model - Standard, Wheel Adjustment or Micro Adjustment.

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TruGlo - Range Rover Sight

TRUGLO's Range•Rover™ Series has long been synonymous with premium single-pin archery sights. Now, there's even more reason to join Ralph and Vicki in their enthusiasm for these beautifully-simple and effective hunting tools.

Innovative NEW ZERO-IN™ Adjustment Dial (TG6411B & TG6411BLH) provides ultra-smooth, remarkably precise Micro•Adjust elevation tuning, giving hunters an extra edge in difficult conditions.

Choose your model - Standard, Wheel Adjustment or Micro Adjustment options available.

NEW - Left Hand models now available!

  • Our brightest 1-pin archery sight
  • Tool-less yardage lock
  • Clean, circular sight picture with all-metal pin
  • Extra long, fully protected wrapped fibre
  • Ultra-smooth bracket for easy one-hand adjustment
  • Sight housing accepts 1.87" scope lens (sold separately)
  • Includes over 40 pre-marked yardage tapes to simplify setup
  • Adjustable yardage-stop customises maximum yardage setting
  • Laser marks for windage and elevation adjustments
  • Quiver can be mounted directly to bracket
  • Adjustable for left and right-handed shooters
  • TG6411B & TG6411BLH - ZERO-IN™ Adjustment Dial
  • TG6411B, TG6311B, TG6311J & TG6311L - micro-adjust windage precision click design
  • TG6411B, TG6311B, TG6311J & TG6311L - includes removable rheostat light
  • TG6211B - Standard Adjustment
  • NEW! TG6411BLH - Left Handed Design
  • NEW! TG6311BLH - Left Handed Design
  • 700 Hour battery life
  • Patent pending

Models as below:

  • Standard .019 Black TG6211B
  • RH Micro .019 Black TG6311B
  • LH Micro .019 Black TG6311BLH
  • RH Wheel .019 Black TG6411B
  • LH Wheel .019 Black TG6411BLH