Win & Win - Wiawis TFT-G Recurve Riser 25in

Win & Win - Wiawis TFT-G Recurve Riser 25in

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Win & Win - Wiawis TFT-G  Recurve Riser 


Comprising state of the art Nano Graphene, providing superior strength.

Graphene, Maximising Shock-Resistance and Vibration Damping.

SIZE - 25 inches WEIGHT - 1315g TYPE - RH / LH
MATERIAL - Graphene / Nano Carbon

Technical Spec's

The TFT-G handle is precision made using Win&Win’s manufacturing technology, know-how and decades of experience.

All of our TFT-G handles use state of the art nano graphene which has superior strength and wide surface area.

The TFT-G handle by Win&Win offers advanced shock absorption and vibration dampening which provides a smooth shooting while decreasing unnecessary movement.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a high-tech material sometimes referred to as a ‘material of dreams,’ which has only recently been commercialised. It is a two-dimensional material with a flat surface of carbon atoms in hexagonal honeycomb shape. Nano means one-billionth. A 0.2 nanometer thin layer of graphene is more than 200 times stronger than steel and has an electrical conductivity 100 times that of silicon.

WIN&WIN combines nano graphene to have a large specific non-surface area of 2630m²/g with carbon fibre
to maximise the properties of carbon and improve bow performance by enabling lighter weight, better shock and vibration absorption as well as more stiffness.