Win & Win - Wiawis One Wood Recurve Limbs

Win & Win - Wiawis One Wood Recurve Limbs

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Win & Win - Wiawis One Wood Recurve Limbs

Completely new concept limb that combs advanced manufacturing technology and *Flaxpreg, eco-friendly natural materials. 

The lumber that has been used in W&Ws wood core is selected using quality specifications and sorting processes for flawless limbs.  Manufactured using superior nano carbon that has extremely high strength and vibration reduction.  

WIAWIS wood core limbs offer stability at full draw and extreme power at the moment of release. It enables a more constant shooting experience with enhanced arrow grouping

*Flaxpreg is made of natural fibres and epoxy resins. This material has never been used in archery manufacture before. Flaxpreg is an environment-friendly material, and its twisted structure enhances the vibration damping effect in shooting.  Also, Flax laminates together with carbon fibre absorbs vibration more efficiently.