Winners - SAT Long Rod Stabiliser

Winners - SAT Long Rod Stabiliser

  • Model:
  • 113888

Long rod for beginner archers from Winners. - The Winners is a new brand from Win & Win for 2017! The popular SF brand is changed for Winners in 2017 with new stylish design and proven quality.


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Winners -  SAT Long Rod Stabiliser

Long rod for beginner target archers from Winners.

Key features:

  •     Ideal beginner rods.
  •     Light weight design.
  •     Damping effect and shock absorbing.
  •     Various colours available.

Technical specifications:

  • Material:                Carbon.
  • Long Rod Lengths:  26", 28", 30" or 32"
  • Included accessories:  1x head weight and 1x short damper
  • Short Rod Lengths: 10" or 12" (sold separate)
  • Extender Lengths:   3", 4" or 5" (sold separate)