XS Vanes - 40mm Medium

XS Wings - 50mm Low Vanes

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Minimum - 50 pcs

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XS Wings - 50mm Low Vanes (50x pcs)

Spin type vanes from XS Wings.

XS Wings, vanes with an attractive fluorescent colour range including green, pink, orange and purple. These vanes are of a medium hardness, derived during the production process of trying to obtain the right characteristics of soft and hard.

Available in 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 70mm measurements catering to indoor, outdoor and both recurve and compound archers. XS WIngs are: Designed and made for the 10 ring!

Accurate and durable. Sold in Packs of 50. Includes double sided tape and wrapping tape.

  • 60mm High ProfileSuitable for recurve and takedown bows over 50 pounds and compound bows with speeds above 270 fps (used by pro compound archers, Toja ?erne, Dejan Sitar)Best used for Hit-Miss, Field and Olympic Round competitionsAlso provides excellent broad head stabilization
  • 70mm Offers smooth stability on short distancesRecommended for all recurve, compound and bare bows

Key features:

  • Made of a highly durable material for long lasting fletches.
  • Smaller, 50mm size normally preferred for use on narrower diameter shafts.
  • Shaped to improve arrow spin, clearance, and improve group size.
  • Fletching tape and top and tail tape included.
  • Designed to be easier to fletch than other spin style vanes.
  • Two different models for clockwise (RH) or anticlockwise (LH) arrow rotation.
  • Each pack contains 50 vanes.
  • Available in a range of metallic and fluorescent colour options.