Zniper - Zextant Cushion Plunger

Zniper - Zextant Cushion Plunger

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The ZNIPER Zextant is not just a plunger but rather an absolute revolution and improves what you thought you couldn’t improve.
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Zniper - Zextant Cushion Plunger

The ZNIPER Zextant is not just a plunger but rather an absolute revolution and improves what you thought you couldn’t improve.

The ZNIPER Zextant comes up with new unique features that make archery even more precise and make archery tuning much easier.
What is absolutely unique about our Zextant is that the plunger depth (how far the plunger protrudes into the riser window) respectivley the centershot setting of the arrow is no longer defined by loosen, adjust and tighten the plunger again and again, but absolutely reproducible and easy via a grid adjustment.

As a result, the depth of the plunger can be adjusted easily by rotating/turning the Basic Wheel without loosen or tighten the plunger again and again.
Thr raster/ click system makes it possible to make settings reproducibly, especially during the tuning process, without having to worry about not being able to reset the plunger exactly to the previous value.
In addition, when tuning the plunger depth, it is now possible to determine with absolute clarity at which defined plunger depth the best arrow groups are shot.


With our Zextant, the plunger pressure can of course be set very precisely with the help of the Adjustment Wheel, as you are used to.

In the construction and design of the ZNIPER Zextant, we paid the utmost attention to precision and functionality and we have succeeded in improving the function and effectiveness of the plunger so that the ZNIPER Zextant really sets new standards.

The pins of the Zextant are very light and due to the low mass the arrow can act directly on the plunger spring. In addition, the tolerance of our plunger pin is so low that the forces are transferred directly to the spring without any noticeable losses.

Also the unique design of our plunger springs optimizes the effectiveness of our Zextant, as the pressure forces are optimally absorbed and the spring is deformed very precisely.
With the plunger pin as well as with the plunger spring, we made sure that the friction of these components in the plunger is minimized so that the efficiency is maximized.

Features of the ZNIPER Zextant

  • Both plunger depth and plunger pressure can be set in a reproducible grid pattern without having to repeatedly loosen and tighten the plunger for the plunger depth.
  • Lowest tolerances and the best design for an incomparable shooting experience
  • The Zextant is delivered with three springs of different strength
  • Soft spring => 1.2 – 3.9 Nm
  • Medium spring => 3.8 -7.8 Nm
  • Hard spring => 7.5 -11.8 Nm
  • The mean pressure adjustment of the spring is 0.04Nm, 0.05Nm or 0.06Nm depending on the spring strength
  • The springs were specially developed and manufactured in Germany for the ZNIPER Zextant
  • The basic components of the Zextant are made of stainless steel or 6061 aluminum. All aluminum components are anodized in titanium color.
  • Every component of the Zextant is available as a spare part and therefore the Zextant is very sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Manufacturers Code: Z2111007


Sizes (Screw-in depth)

  • Small (S): 19-23mm
  • Medium (M): 22-26mm
  • Large (L): 25-29mm
  • XLarge (XL): 28-32mm


If you later need a Zextant in a different size, you don’t need to buy a new one straight away. By changing the Basic Body and the corresponding plunger pin, you can change the size of the Zextant. These components are available as inexpensive replacement parts.

If you are unsure about the size of the Zextant, it is better to choose a size larger, because each Zextant comes with a 1mm and a 2mm spacer, with which the screw-in depth can be reduced accordingly.